At TJ's Gym, we have a long history of involvement with CrossFit competitions. We know what it takes to prepare athletes for the field of play in this growing sport.  We have sent teams to the CrossFit Games in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012, earning an 11th-place finish worldwide in 2011 and a 6th-place finish worldwide in 2012.  We have also fielded one Individual athlete and two Masters athletes at the worldwide CrossFit Games.


We offer three levels of class workouts--our standard “All Levels” programming; "The Wrench," which is geared towards athletes who want to compete in CrossFit and be sure to regularly train more advanced movements in their workouts; and “Allison’s Program” for athletes who want to hit foundational strength training while emphasizing longer or more intense conditioning.  We also offer private programming for athletes wanting to supplement their class workouts with individualized efforts tailored towards their specific needs as a competitor.  As with all of our athletes, our goal for our competitors is to enjoy the process and maintain a balanced perspective and approach, so that the pursuit can be both successful and fulfilling.


We also run TJ's Gym Events, which produces well known competitions, including the world-renowned annual NorCal Masters competition. We often run seminars geared towards masters athletes.


Please contact us if you have questions about our competitor programs.