I’ve been an active member of TJ’s Gym for over eight years and have trained doing five of their CrossFit classes each week for quite awhile now. As a chiropractor specializing in Active Release Technique treatments, I work with athletes of all kinds who are having issues with their bodies.  I know that most people new to CrossFit enter the program with hidden deficiencies that need to be identified and worked through, and which are likely to surface at some point.  The key to making this happen in a positive way and to excelling in CrossFit over time, is identifying these deficiencies and working through them, through fine-tuned and attentive coaching. 

At TJ’s Gym, the coaches are extremely knowledgeable and diligent.  Their attention to detail and proper mechanics, as well as the care they take in getting to know each athlete and how he/she moves, is what sets them apart.  TJ’s Gym has the unique advantage of teaching CrossFit for many years.  They have learned how to guide all levels of athletes through rigorous workouts, so that they can become strong and fit while avoiding injury.  I have seen hundreds of athletes properly guided in this way at TJ’s Gym, and they have changed their bodies and their functioning as they have progressed.  I refer many of my own patients to TJ’s Gym, especially those who have excelled at a single sport, such as running; CrossFit allows them to diversify their training and optimize their athletic potential while becoming stonger and more stable over time. 

The other aspect of TJ’s Gym that keeps me and my patients coming back for more is the camaraderie and fun we get with each workout.  The place is buzzing with positive energy, and the results speak for themselves! 

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