I started working out at TJ’s Gym San Rafael shortly after they opened the doors back in 2002.  Since that time, I’ve become an avid CrossFit class member, and I’ve stuck with TJ’s for several reasons.  When I joined, I was 44 years old and hadn’t been much of an athlete during my life.  However, TJ’s gave me an opportunity to explore my athletic side, and I’ve discovered that I’m far stronger than I’d ever thought.  Now almost 54, I appreciate more than ever the welcoming environment at TJ’s Gym and the caring, knowledgeable, and accessible coaches and owners.  At TJ’s, CrossFit is far more than just a gym or a workout.  TJ’s is a lifestyle, a culture, a place for friendships.  There may be CrossFit gyms opening on every corner, but TJ’s will be around forever.  They know what they’re doing, they do it extremely well, and I’m grateful for every day I’m there!

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