A common statement associated with CrossFit is that it has led many people to a life changing experience. I’m in that camp.  But in my particular case, I don’t credit the change to CrossFit – I attribute it solely to being a member of the TJ’s community.  My immediate goal with starting at TJ’s 2 ½ years ago was to gain fitness and balance out some physical weaknesses I’d developed from focusing exclusively on trail running.  My only TJ’s regret is my sporadic attendance that first year because I mistakenly thought CrossFit would have a detrimental effect on my running.  This sounds so silly to me now.


Like most people, the idea of working out with a group of strangers who were stronger and more skilled gave me anxiety. This anxiety immediately disappeared at TJ’s as a result of the sense of community and camaraderie fostered by the coaches and other members.  Instead of being consumed with fear that I’d embarrass myself, I found myself looking forward to each and every class because I knew I’d learn new things and make new friends.  This boost in confidence quickly spilled over to other parts of my personal life and has helped effect many changes I don’t believe I would have enjoyed otherwise.


I’m grateful to the TJ’s community for creating an environment that encourages reaching beyond ourselves, taking risks and for proving that the limits that exist are only in our minds. None of this comes from lifting weights, it comes from working together to reach our goals – common or not – and then setting new ones.  TJ’s has enriched my personal and athletic life and given me and my family new life experiences I never thought I’d have. The rewards from my labors at TJ's aren't in the form of plaques, medals or a finishing time - they're improvements in my relationships with others, new ways of thinking and pursuit of happiness. TJ's is much more than a place to do CrossFit; it’s a family.

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