The best decision I ever made was to join TJ’s Gym in June of 2010.  Here are the top ten reasons why I love TJ’s Gym:

10. The incredible variety of shampoo and body soaps in the shower.

9.  TJ’s witty blog posts and story telling during our warm ups.

8. TJ’s Crossfit Kids Program – our kids can do kipping pull ups, handstand push ups, burpees, push presses, overhead squats, power cleans, hollow rocks, etc.  They know what bad foods are, they reach for the vegetables and grass-fed beef, and they are psyched when Coach Jess programs hard workouts that scare us adults.

7. The fact that I have access to not one, but three different TJ’s gyms all within a 15-mile radius of my home.

6. TJ posts the workouts in the evening, so we know what to expect two days out.  For me this is huge, and believe it or not, I cherry pick a whole lot less than I did when I didn't know what was coming.

5. Five days a week I get to work out with people who have become my friends, not only inside the gym, but outside, as well.   We genuinely like and care about each other.   

4. I am fortunate to be a part of a community that will do 
WHATEVER it needs to do to take care of its own. The Big Blue Community is thoughtful, incredibly generous, and sometimes even more available than your own flesh-and-blood family.

3. I am coached by coaches who understand the human body, who are thoughtful, patient, kind, funny, nice, and know exactly what to say to get you to push yourself further than you ever thought possible.  

2.  We have Marcus Filly, Co-Owner of TJ’s Gym Mill Valley, creating our programming and sharing a road map which outlines for all of us a comprehensive and balanced approach to our pursuit of fitness.  

1. TJ Belger: To know him is to love him! 

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