I have been an active TJ's Gym CrossFit member for four and a half years now! TJ's Gym--which includes its programming, its coaches, and its members--have changed my life in more ways than just physically. TJ's Gym takes care of my emotional, mental, psychological, and physical well being.  I take 4-5 classes a week and look forward to each class and what I need to complete. Sometimes I think I can't do what's written, but I always complete the workout with fierce determination, pushing myself to do exercises I never thought I could do, and then achieving a wonderful sense of accomplishment when it is over. What I love most is that each class is completely different - each class includes a weightlifting component and a metabolic/conditioning component. I am 48 years old and have never been stronger. I can now do overhead snatches, power cleans, clean and jerks, squats, deadlifting, etc. My body composition has changed from soft to muscular. I now love my body, which I never did before! I often receive nice compliments on how I look and how I keep myself in good shape (because of TJ's). 
TJ's Gym is a community of people of all ages who share a love for fitness and love for other people. We support one another, and we all are our biggest cheerleaders during the workouts. I have had some life challenges, and my TJ's friends have supported me each and every step along the way. I have developed amazing friendships with the goal of keeping in shape. It's a place, a gym, an open community where I feel safe to be myself.  I feel loved, accepted and never judged, all of the time.  It's a special kind of place, and when you walk through the door, your troubles are erased for that moment in time. Allison and TJ are wonderful gym owners! They impart fun, hard work, knowledge and the skills necessary to be successful at improving your overall fitness and lifestyle. The coaches they hire are extremely knowledgeable and guide us through each and every workout, giving clear instructions and modifications if needed.  I recently had knee surgery, and I was back in the gym six days later. The coaches were adept at modifying all the exercises so I could participate, feel included and maintain my overall level of fitness. 
TJ's Gym is a truly exceptional gym and place!  We, the members, are all so lucky to be presented with such a gift of community and fitness! I am very blessed to have it in my life! 

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