I began my TJ’s Gym and CrossFit journey three years ago, with the encouragement of my husband and mom.  They both kept telling me how much I would love the workouts and how I would become a stronger runner and cyclist. They were right.   I’ve never felt better. CrossFit is different things to different people.  There is a stereotype and misperception that if you do CrossFit you will get huge bulky muscles. I have found I have become stronger (not bigger) and am able to enjoy all sports I love even more - running, skiing, biking, and swimming. 

I love the camaraderie that exists at TJ’s Gym. Everyone cheers you on; no one has ever made me feel like I shouldn’t be there or that I didn’t belong.  I always have a sense of accomplishment after class, and I carry that with me throughout my day.  My husband, brother-in-law, sister AND mother are all avid members of TJ’s. That is proof in itself what a wonderful gym this is!   

A huge thank you to TJ, Allison, and all the coaches for having such a dynamic operation. I appreciate how it is constantly evolving and that Allison and TJ are not afraid to try new concepts and ways to stay healthy.  Having played high school and collegiate sports, camaraderie and community from athletics is something missing in my life. The community everyone has helped build at TJ's is one of the best parts of the gym and one of the many reasons I love it. 

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