TJ's Gyms are a group of fitness facilities where athletes of all ages, backgrounds, and ability levels come together with a goal in common: to get as fit as possible through a scientifically driven fitness program, attention to lifestyle and nutrition choices, and the camaraderie of a great community.  We offer personal training, group classes, goal-setting and accountability plans, nutrition consultation, injury rehab assistance and more. We are a strength-and-conditioning program and carefully tailor our work to each individual who comes through our doors.



We include in our program a number of approaches to fitness, recognizing that a single program doesn’t work for everyone. We are particularly careful about making sure our members are always moving safely and completing workouts that will not only help them feel good but will also get them fitter. Our goal is to promote longevity in training and participation in desired activities outside of the gym.





At TJ's, we treat our athletes as the whole people they are, acknowledging that our psychological make-up, relationship stressors, sleep habits, etc., all affect our bodies and our abilities to push our physical limits.  Co-owned by a licensed psychologist, TJ's has a clear emphasis on working with all aspects of our functioning in order to optimize our fitness, our productivity, and our happiness -- all for the long haul! TJ's Gym is different from typical membership gyms in many ways.  We strive to educate our athletes in proper body mechanics, how to increase intensity levels, and how to monitor their own progress, so that they can do all of these things when they are outside of the gym, whether exercising or just living life.


 One of the approaches we use at TJ's Gym is called CrossFit. CrossFit is a workout program based on functional body movements and drawing from the disciplines of Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, and cardiovascular fitness. Workout components (strength, skill, conditioning) vary in length, ranging from a few minutes to a full hour, with intensity being a consistent component.  The idea is to challenge the body and psyche beyond previously experienced limits, through increases in speed, weight, and reps, as well as combinations of movements. Workouts are almost never exactly the same, an element that keeps the body guessing and challenges participants in ways other workouts don't.  Our athletes run, jump, row, lift weights, do pull-ups, throw balls, squat, jump rope, and more.




One of the most important aspects of TJ's Gym is the community of people involved. Whether our athletes choose group classes, private training, individual design, or some combination of all of these, part of the magic comes from being part of a group of people who are also working hard to benefit their fitness and to reach physical goals. This community also includes the inspired and talented coaching team at TJ's Gym. From various walks of life, our coaches are dedicated to our clientele and are passionate about helping people develop real fitness by working hard and being consistent.  We encourage you to read their bios and come in to experience for yourself the dedication of the TJ's Gym coaching team.